1. A client visits the lofamille.com and fills the form “What Would You Like Us to Work on With You” on the page “Discuss the Offer!

A. Contact Us

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2. A Lofamily agent would either call you or email you to set an appointment or an action plan. Appointments are set depending on the amount of research needed and/or the availability of agents.

B. Set An Appointment

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3. A Lofamily agent makes sure that the client is aware of the nature of service for a specific matter.  Unless it is mentioned on “Our Services” Page that Lofamily offers professionally a product or a service, Lofamily operates as a family member. Hence, Lofamily first hand advice, accompaniment, and representation only works in things the client is allowed by law to do by himself/herself. Generally, Lofamily intervenes when the client finds it important to get additional family member hands or an additional private employee hand.

C. Understand The Process

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4. After completion of the task, Lofamily guarantees a follow up service based on what is included in that product/service according to the listing on the “Package & Price” page.  Would there be damages due to decisions that were made, it is only in the  case of representation, depending on the product or the service package, Lofamily guarantees a certain level of damage control. Check our “Terms of Services” page for additional details.


D. Work Togather

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5. A client who continuously consumes Lofamily products and services will be assigned to a specific agent who will help them exactly like a family member.

E. Form A Family

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Join our hands to produce the best we can

Give it a try! Then let us know your feedback.