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The family of those who believe IN TRUSTWORTHINESS.

Lofamily Services

“A hand made drawing, a man made decision. We scratch our way, and we will work hard to honestly make it work.”


The Canadian Social Environment requires that a Canadian resident in many cases make decisions THEMSELVES, buy usual long-term services and products THEMSELVES,  sometimes due to the struggles of life  old people and new immigrants are left alone inexperienced  in those decisions that must be made by THEMSELVES.

THIS IS THE TIME Lofamily comes in to BREAK THAT LONELINESS. We are here to advise, to accompany, and if necessary represent the client. We are HERE TO MAKE CANADA THE MOST NON-WORRISOME COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.


Lofamily was founded in in September 2020 by Silas Niyon a graduate at York University. he found the need to establish a system that makes it easy for anyone to settle and live in any country. Currently, our focus is on Canada


Make a non-worrisome world system.

Of Course an ideal non-worrisome world seems to be impossible. However, Lofamily works on finding ways to flat down any system hardness. 



Using agents who timely update their knowledge concerning new technologies and applicable federal and provincial laws our vision is to give the most reliable advice, accompaniment and representation services in dealing with all the system corners that might worry the client.

Lofamily, the family of those who believe in trustworthiness