Be part of the Family

Our Products & Services

One would define our services as simply being part of the family.

Filling Forms and Papers

Lofamily would either advise, or guide or fill all forms with the client, required to achieve their objective, these are:
1. Family Reunification Application
2. Citizenship Application
3. Travel Document Application
4. Passport Application
5. Employment Insurance forms
6. Business forms and papers
7. CV/Resume

Service/Product Purchase Accompaniment

Lofamily will not only advise you which service or product to buy, but also a Lofamily agent will accompany the client if necessary to the point of purchase for the following:
1. Hydroelectricity
2. Internet services
3. Television and TV services
4. Mobile/Home phones and services
5. Computers
6. All home electro-appliances

Make Credit Card Payment

Lofamily offers an urgent payment system to all people who do not have credit cards instead of buying gift cards. Whenever paying for secure transactions, the client can pay cash, or use interec, then Lofamily pays for him with a credit card.

Make Calls on Behalf of the Client

Lofamly offers the service to call any company on the behalf of the client concerning the following issues:
1. Billings issues for service provided
2. New services needed by the client
3. Bad services offered by the company

Lofamily Visit and Support

This is a good news for those living far away from their parents. You can send a Lofamily agent to visit your family members to get an unbiased report. what else is included in visit and support services:
1. We can visit any client upon their request
2. We can service as a tech support for mobile phone and home internet and tv settings limited to what a non professional is allowed to do regarding the matter in question.

"Our service is your additional hands"

Website Creation

Lofamily helps in your visibility.
1. We help in creating your personal or small business website. The client will have to pay for the entire process including the domain, the security and any other additional feature needed for their website.
2. We also do website updates for individual and for small business websites. it is all about what you should have done yourself vs what you can do with us.

General Administrative Works

Lofamily offers to function as an employee on a very short term contract. Any company or client can profit to use us for a very short time in any general administrative work as long as the details of the task are well given.

Individual Tax Declarations

Lofamily offers to do the tax declaration for individual who does not own a personal business

Lo Pro Operates under Lofamily to PROFESSIONALLY Offer the Following Products & Services

1. Lo Pro Music Beats: We make a beat for the clients melody
2. Lo Pro Music Creation: We make a beat and sing the client's text
3. Lo Pro Event Photography: We offer the service of taking professional photos for any event
4. Lo Pro Photoshop and photo print : Take pictures to be printed, these can be put in frames and placed on walls. We also do government pictures for IDs such as passport and citizenship
5. Lo Pro Event video filming: We can film and edit your video or simply let you edit yourself.
6. Lo Pro Document printing: We offer print black & white, and colored page printing services
7. Lo Pro Invitations: We can produce invitations to the best of your desires.
8. Lo Pro Studio to Studio Editing: We offer to edit other studios' stuck projects


Lofamily is now offering the best service for money transfer to Burundi. Simply go to the BUR Transfer page to fill the form of transfer.

"The additional hands you ever needed to get your work well done"