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We Make Videos/Photos for Special Events.

Lofamily operates under Lo Pro to professionally provide the services of video productions, photo production for your special events. check our “Package & Price” page for details of what to expect in the package. Lo Pro guarantees you an extraordinary memorable service of working with people who cares about your finite memory of the event.  All we do is to make it work as you expected.

No Precious Event Deserves to Be Forgotten. That Is Why Lo Pro Offers All at an Affordable Price.

Invite Us to Take photos/Make Videos at Your Homes.

Just like many other services of Lofamily, Lo Pro takes it to another level of service where we make it to your house to take those memorable photos or make those memorable videos of yours.

Just take a look at our “Package & Price” page to check the details of this Package.

At Your Home Comfort! This Is an Other Degree of Photo/Video Services. Try Us, and We Will Let You Tell Your Story.

Lo Pro Takes It out! Get your Park Memorable Pictures/Videos.

Did you know that you can have an appointment with a Lo Pro agent to take pictures or make videos in a nature park or any where it is acceptable, just for fun? Of course, if you want your fun to be remembered then we are your best choice to make it happen.

Lo Pro Is Here for You!

Lo Pro Takes Business Pictures/Videos.

This is your time, to have your model photos on your website taken by a professional. Lo Pro is dedicated to produce professional photos and videos that would boost the visibility of your business. We also produce professional invitations.

Lo Pro Forever!

Do you have a studio with some over due videos you owe to your clients? Well, contact us to negotiate the editing of your stuck videos at an affordable price!

Stopping the time at the most memorable moment, that is what we can do.