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1. Payment: From 800 cad / song
2. The price increases with the client's studio preferences
3. This product is for someone who does not want to sing but has got a message (text) that he/she would like to transform into a song. We will use our talented artists to produce the beat and sing in the studio, just to deliver the full mastered song to the customer. The client chose the style, genre and the studio levels., and can provide the text or the subject.
1. Produce the beat
2. offer to compose the text if the client cannot do it
3. Send to the client the pre-studio version of the song for their critics to leave a room for modification.
4. Go for studio to record, mix and master the song according to chosen studio levels.
5. Note that after a song is sung in the studio there is no revision in the studio level.

Video Editing

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