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Lo Pro Operates under Lofamily to PROFESSIONALLY Offer the Following Products & Services

1. Lo Pro Music Beats: We make a beat for the clients melody
2. Lo Pro Music Creation: We make a beat and sing the client's text
3. Lo Pro Event Photography: We offer the service of taking professional photos for any event
4. Lo Pro Photoshop and photo print : Take pictures to be printed, these can be put in frames and placed on walls. We also do government pictures for IDs such as passport and citizenship
5. Lo Pro Event video filming: We can film and edit your video or simply let you edit yourself.
6. Lo Pro Document printing: We offer print black & white, and colored page printing services
7. Lo Pro Invitations: We can produce invitations to the best of your desires.
8. Lo Pro Studio to Studio Editing: We offer to edit other studios' stuck projects

Lo Pro Event photography

1. Payment: Contact us to negotiate the most competitive price depending on your event
2. Our professional photographers will be right there in your marriage, your birthday party, in your diploma celebration, in any of your family or public event.
3. Be on time in the event and take the pictures
4. Edit pictures according to the agreement in the negotiation

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Lo Pro Music Beats

1. Payment: 150 Cad/ beat
2. This is about making a personalized beat to the client's melody in the genre and style of the client's preference
3. Make the beat
4. Offer to revise the beat within 1 week of the first version.

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Lo Pro Photo Session

1. Payment A: 6 cad/ picture edited & electronically delivered
2. Payment B: 40 cad/ Standard Wall picture size edited and printed ready to be put in wood/metal/plastic frames
2. Payment: 60 cad/ 1st standard picture size edited and printed when we come to take the picture at your place
3. Payment: 25 cad/ additional standard picture size
4. Payment: to be negotiated for various sizes.
5. Take the picture/s
6. Edit the picture
7. Offer revision before final print
8. Print the picture
9. A photo session cannot go beyond 2 hours 30 minutes.

Lo Pro Music Creation

1. Payment: From 800 cad / song
2. The price increases with the client's studio preferences
3. This product is for someone who does not want to sing but has got a message (text) that he/she would like to transform into a song. We will use our talented artists to produce the beat and sing in the studio, just to deliver the full mastered song to the customer. The client chose the style, genre and the studio levels., and can provide the text or the subject.
1. Produce the beat
2. offer to compose the text if the client cannot do it
3. Send to the client the pre-studio version of the song for their critics to leave a room for modification.
4. Go for studio to record, mix and master the song according to chosen studio levels.
5. Note that after a song is sung in the studio there is no revision in the studio level.

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Lo Pro Invitations

1. Payment: The price depends on what the client want to be included on the invitation.
2. The price would increase whether it is invitations in electronic format or printed ones
3. Prepare the invitation according to the agreement
4. Offer a revision before the final print
5. Print the invitations if included in the agreement

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Lo Pro Event Video Filming

1. Payment A: 75 cad/ event hour of filming/ camera
2. Payment B: (The price to edit and produce the final version of the video) a negotiated price based on the length of the video to be edited.
3. You can buy the filming alone and edit yourself
4. We can participate in any legal event that needs to be filmed
5. Film the event on time
6. If we edited your video, there is a 1 month revision period from the first delivered product

Lo Pro Document Printing

1. Payment: 15 cents/ B&W page
2. Payment: 20 cent/ Colored Page
3. Access to print documents black and white or colored pages according to what is paid for.

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