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Service/Product Purchase Accompaniment

Lofamily will not only advise you which service or product to buy, but also a Lofamily agent will accompany the client if necessary to the point of purchase for the following:
1. Hydroelectricity
2. Internet services
3. Television and TV services
4. Mobile/Home phones and services
5. Computers
6. All home electro-appliances

Television and TV Services

.1. Payment: 15 CAD for TV services
2. Payment: 30 CAD for Televisions: This is when we accompany you to buy a television (service available in Quebec City).
Included in TV Services Purchase
3. Online service order
4. Call service provider if necessary
3. set up auto payment if necessary
4. set up an online account if necessary
Included in Television purchase
5. Transport to visit 2 shops
6. A family advice
7. Maximum time in the shops: 2 hours (1 hour/ shop)

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Mobile/Home phones and Services

1. Payment: 20 CAD for service
2. Payment: 30 CAD for device: This is when we accompany you to buy the device at a shop (Service available in Quebec City
Included In Services Purchase.
3. Search for best offer
4. Order service online
5. Call service provider if necessary
6. Set up an online account
7. Set up auto payment
8. Forgotten password solutions
Included in Mobile Phone Purchase
9. Transport to visit 2 phone stores
10. A family advice
11. Maximum time in the phone stores: 2 hours (1 hour/ store)


1. Payment: 15 CAD
2. Call the hydroelectricity if necessary
3. Create an online account
4. Set up an auto payment if requested
5. Forgotten password solutions

Internet Services

1. Payment: 30 CAD general Package
2. Payment: 50 CAD Full Package
Included in General Package
3. Search for the best offer when no preference was given
4. Order the service online
5. Set an online account
6. Set auto payment if necessary
7. Forgotten password solutions
Full Package Adds on
8. Standard wifi tech support for the first 7 days
9. If client is unsatified by the service, we will be the one making the call for cancellation
10. Home visit for wifi standard tech support in the 7 first days for Quebec City

Computers Purchase (Quebec City Only)

1. Payment: 40 CAD
2. Payment 2: 50 CAD Full Package
3. Transport to visit 2 stores
4. A family advice
5. Maximum time in the stores: 2hours (1 hour/ store)
6. First day computer set up and training if needed
7. Assist in purchasing online if necessary
Full Package Adds on
8. Return or go for replacement on due time, if necessary.

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All Home Electro-Appliances

1. Payment: 40 CAD
2. Transport to visit 2 stores
3. A family advice
4. Maximum time in the stores: 2 hours (1 hour/store)
5. Make a call for delivery delays
6. Make a call for appliance deficiencies during the first 2 weeks the product is delivered

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