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make a credit card payment with lofamily

Make Credit Card Payment

Lofamily offers an urgent payment system to all people who do not have credit cards instead of buying gift cards. Whenever paying for secure transactions, the client can pay cash, or use interec, then Lofamily pays for him with a credit card.

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Make the Credit Card Payment

1. Payment A: 5 CAD / Standard transaction
2. Payment B: 5 CAD, or 7.5 CAD, or 10 CAD / Transaction that includes other requirements. Contact us, we will be happy to explain.
2. Call the company to which a payment is due, then make the payment
3. Pay online if there is a safe way to make it.
4. The credit card payment service is only for daily official services such as electricity, phone, internet, and tv

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You don't have to buy a gift card or a prepaid card for your urgent legal purchase/payment. If you have you cash we can make the transaction for you

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