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Lofamily Visit and Support

This is a good news for those living far away from their parents. You can send a Lofamily agent to visit your family members to get an unbiased report. what else is included in visit and support services:
1. We can visit any client upon their request
2. We can service as a tech support for mobile phone and home internet and tv settings limited to what a non professional is allowed to do regarding the matter in question.

Visit & Support

Lofamily Visit and Support: Regular Visits

1. Payment: 25 CAD/ 1.5 hour onsite
2. payment: 50 CAD/ month
3. We can go to any acceptable zone for the client as long as the client guarantees no harm to our agents
4. Visit and pass a maximum of 1.5 hour on site with visited people
5. Do what the client wanted us to do onsite as agreed upon before the visit
6. Make one little trip to the closest store to buy some few things needed on request of the visited person
7. Provide a report to the client by email/text or call.
Adds on the / month registration
8. The subscription includes 4 visits/month of 1.5 hours per week to our client

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Lofamily Visit and Support: General tech Support

1. Payment: 15 CAD/ 1 hour visit
2. This is about solving general issues of modern technology that a current college young man/woman is supposed to be able to solve
3. Solve phone settings issues right there at your home
4. Solve general wi-fi issues without the client to call the service provider
5. solve general tv and tv services issues

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